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We empower working parents to break free from routine and consumerism, embracing adventure with their family.

Our courses guide families beyond comfort zones, inspiring achievements, and fostering unity through immersive experiences.

 We're all about turning your dreams to journey along America's Great into real plans, so you can make awesome family memories.

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Defeating the Villain

Societal expectations, monotony, and consumerism act as formidable adversaries, restraining families from embracing adventure, growth, and fulfillment. They tempt families to conform to societal norms, prioritize material possessions over experiences, and remain within their comfort zones. Let's break free from these constraints together.

Attaining True Fulfillment

True fulfillment lies in breaking free from societal norms, embracing adventure, and prioritizing experiences and personal growth over material possessions. At Loop Life Academy, we believe in empowering families to pursue this path towards genuine fulfillment.

Join the Journey to Break Free

Like you, we've experienced the frustration of societal expectations and consumerism. That's why we're dedicated to helping families prioritize experiences and personal growth. Join us as we embark on this journey to break free from the status quo and embrace a life of adventure and fulfillment.

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Meet Your Guide

Like you, we were frustrated by the limitations of societal expectations and consumerism, which is why we're passionate about helping families prioritize experiences and personal growth.

I bring over a decade of leadership experience in remote working and engineering management, teaching computer science to diverse audiences, and parenting, coupled with firsthand knowledge of sailing over 5000 nautical miles, including extensive experience on America's Great Loop. I've methodically prepared my family for this adventure and continue to inspire others to embrace similar journeys.

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